Why you matter

There is a lot we can ask ourselves about climate change, but in the end, this is the question that matters: 

Should we do something?

Should we change how we live and take responsibility for the transformation that needs to happen to change the course of action? 

Or should we look at what’s happening like spectators of a play, hoping that we somehow survive in what is rapidly becoming a less livable world?

If you are here, it’s probably because you want to do something

  • Even when it can seem unfair that the people or organizations that should be the ones doing the heavy lifting, are failing to see the urgency of the situation. 
  • Even when you are divided between feelings of fear of loss and desire to act, hope and powerlessness, awareness and guilt, doubt and resolution.
  • Even when we’ve been told time and time again that individuals won’t be able to win the race against disaster. That this is not salvageable by a few, because the crisis is far bigger than the scope of what one person can do, and the solution involves companies, governments, countries making systemic changes that will end life as we know it.


The first step is to acknowledge all this is true.

But something else is also true: what we do as individuals matters.

“When we change, the world changes.

The key to all change is in our inner

transformation: a change of hearts

and minds. This is the human

evolution. We all have the power to

change. When we realize this truth,

we can bring that power to bear

anywhere, at any time and in any situation.”

– Daisaku Ikeda, Japanese philosopher

As adult human beings, we can direct our influence as members of a family, a company, society, or citizens. We have the opportunity to use our core strengths to drive positive change. We like to call these core strengths our superpowers, things we can all use to influence the reality in which we live. 


Here are some of your most effective superpowers:

Your Voice – What you have to say matters. 

Your voice is a powerful tool that allows you to influence the world around you. Using your voice can help us all win the climate discussion and will put us on track to finding real solutions. 

The voices of others are important, too – listen to those around you and build connections around shared goals. This is one of the best ways you can inspire hope and action.

If you are good with them, you can use social media to amplify those messages in a way that could exponentially increase their power.

We all have the right to speak up for the change we want to see – especially when it involves our planet and everyone’s future. 


Your Vote – When you vote, you are making a choice, a conscious decision about the future. So do your research and understand what you are choosing for the future.

We all have the power to create a more sustainable future when we vote for planet, conscious politicians and policies that will have a positive environmental impact. 

We need elected officials who care about people and the planet, who follow science, adopt environmental protection policies, actively work to prepare communities for future environmental challenges, and who do not have close ties to the most polluting industries.


Your Money – Be conscious about your relationship with money: how you earn it, how you spend it, how you invest it and how you save it. 

As a consumer, what and how you buy can positively or negatively influence the supply chain of the products you consume. 

“Every time you spend money you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want” 

-Anne Lappé, American author, expert on food systems and sustainable food advocate.


Your Gratitude – This one might surprise you, but it’s the foundation for everything.

By regularly practicing gratitude, you will experience a deeper appreciation for life. You will feel more alive and energetic; you will be able to express more compassion and kindness. In essence, you will become a better, happier person and be in a much better place to positively impact the planet. 

Give yourself the space to be vulnerable first. Remember the fear of loss? Connect with that, and find strength in it, too. Use it to become the change you want to see in the world. 

“One individual cannot make a difference” said 8 billion people.

Would you like to be part of a community that cherishes imperfect progress?

A safe space where you will be pushed out of your comfort zone in a very caring way. You will be guided when you feel stuck, have conversations about relevant topics, connect with experts and find inspiration and practical actions that are good for you and the environment

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