How great would it be to feel hopeful about the future?

What we stand for...


Changing the world starts with changing ourselves. Your mindset plays an essential role in determining life’s outcomes. 

By working  on your mindset, you’ll develop self-compassion and self-confidence to become your best self.

Sense of belonging

Belonging to a supportive community is key in the face of the environmental crisis that has us living with anxiety, overwhelm and uncertainty.

We created a safe space to nourish and enhance your personal and collective power to impact the world.


Expert knowledge and powerful tools are at the foundation to envision and create a better future, faster.

As part of our community, you will enhance your desire, courage and determination to act for our world.


and trust

We want our community to thrive in an environment of trust.

That’s why our values are based on no judgment, no guilt, and no shame for everyone to feel secure and have access to reliable information and insights given by top experts.

Measurable impact

Measuring our progress helps you stay on the right track towards generating positive impact.

We focus on supporting you on your personal transformation so you can go on and transform the world through activities and initiatives that you will be able to measure at a personal and collective levels.

Space of joy

The joy that comes from taking action that’s aligned to your values and seeing the amazing results this brings.

We cherish each opportunity to make new friends, cheer each other up, laugh, share experiences, be silly, open and vulnerable together. 

It’s time to

unleash your power

to protect Mother Earth.

Hello sister!

I’m Ariana and I want to tell you a little bit about myself.

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed about a better world where we could be kinder to ourselves, others, animals, and Nature.

This is my mission, my purpose, and it has taken me to study, work and live in different countries; it has led me to study fascinating subjects, and I’ve been able to lead projects and wonderful teams at the intersection of innovation, sustainability and technology, both at international development organizations and in the corporate world.

I could tell you all about the many projects I’ve loved working in, but honestly, what I enjoy the most is the end result, seeing the life of a single mom in a rural area transformed, a corporate leader evolve into a kind spokesperson defending people and Nature, a natural area protected, and the animals living there having the life they deserve.

Let me tell you two things I know to be true after over 25 years of working to improve our world:

1. When women are in charge, trust themselves, and unleash their power and potential, people and Nature do better.

2. The global economic system in which we live and its effect on us makes it harder for women to accomplish all of the above. We must try harder, speak louder, and constantly walk up-hill.

And so, in the face of the climate and biodiversity loss crises, I knew I had to do my part, and knowing these two facts led to the creation of Alterleap in a quite natural and obvious way.

We want to heal and protect Mother Earth and her inhabitants. For this, we need women at their best, their potential unleashed, and ready to take action. Let’s begin this journey together and build the world we dream of.

Because, and please never forget this: when women work together and lead with a strong mindset and a compassionate heart, we are unstoppable. You are unstoppable.

Welcome home, sister.



our team!

our team!

We have worked hard to create a committed, passionate and super engaged team that has been developing the skills and tools to help you navigate in our wonderful community and guide you in those uncertain and overwhelming moments, but also cheer for you when you’re happy and celebrating.

Ariana Gómez

Community Leadership

A firm believer in the human spirit and potential, Ariana created Alterleap to make sure every woman feels supported and empowered on their path to building a better future. 

Her vast experience in innovation, technology, sustainability and neuroscience are the foundation of Alterleap’s strong community.

Francis Simonet

Comms & Digital Content

Francis is the person that makes sure our communication with you and within our community is spot on. 

Above all she is a problem solver. 

Need help? Reach out to her and she’ll find a way to help you. 

Her passion for working with strong communities of women is an invaluable asset for our team. 

Ana Paula Gutiérrez

Development and

Outreach Coordinator

Ana Paula is the youngest mind in the team. Her sensitive spirit holds space for deep passion. 

A strong believer of women’s power and a firm advocate for nature, she is always questioning the status quo to keep Alterleap one step ahead. She makes sure our community gets the best ideas, food for thought and curated content there is!

Sadia Salam

Program Developer

Sadia is passionate about creating an ecosystem of learning, unlearning and challenging mindsets that limit leadership abilities. Her input and ideas always add an interesting and insightful perspective to our programs and courses.

She is a strong advocate of making way for more women to take their space in leadership roles worldwide.

We are natural change makers


Frequently Asked Questions

Our community is free. All you need is a good attitude and a desire to make things better.

In case you want to dig deeper on a specific topic, we offer programs and courses with a cost that will depend on the length and the resources used.

We think we are all responsible for changing the world, not only women. But we do think we have the potential and what it takes to take the lead on this matter and be a real force for good.

Studies have shown (and I’m sure you have noticed) that we share feminine qualities that make us good leaders facing a crisis like this. We are highly empathic, compassionate, we are powerful organizers, and active listeners. As the effects of climate change are felt, examples of women taking the leadership to act have been demonstrated around the world.

Your participation is essential regardless of your level of expertise or your lack of it!

You don’t need to know about or be an expert in subjects like climate crisis, sustainability, global warming, or biodiversity. The whole point is to meet you where you are at, with expert knowledge and valuable resources.

If you are an activist or already collaborate with a cause, you can share your knowledge, expertise, concerns, and frustrations with everyone. It will be the perfect place to make new friends, cheer each other up, laugh, share experiences, and be silly, open, and vulnerable.

Being part of our community, you’ll have access to expert knowledge and valuable resources that will help you understand the reality we are facing and acquire the tools to do something about it.

You will be able to:

  • Work on your mindset – to trust yourself to be the change
  • Develop your skillset – to turn your vision into reality
  • Be part of a community – to tap into the power of the collective intelligence, experience, and vision


You will trust yourself to be the change you want to see in the world. 

You can start by joining our Community or taking our quiz, we have free resources on the site in the section “Resources”. And if you are still feeling lost, you can always contact us:

We’re always here to help! Send us a message any time and we’ll respond as quickly as we can! 

There are a lot of things you can start doing as soon as today for the planet.

You can start by choosing your one thing.

What are you passionate about or what interests you the most when it comes to taking care of the planet? Is it saving the animals, stopping deforestation, fast fashion, food, plastics, transportation?

The possibilities are endless. Once you choose your one thing, you can start doing your research, what can you do to improve that one thing? Or even better, join our community and ask inside!